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Why Organic

There is no question that a organic approach makes sense when it comes to choosing your food.The same can be said for skincare,going Organic with your skincare for a healthy revitalise hydrated and refreshing glow true Organic skincare is made with only certified organic ingredients as nature intended.

 Organic Skincare Range is certified Organic by The Irish Organic Association

 Ireland’s leading Organic certification body dedicated to certifying organic produce throughout Ireland which means that we undergo a annual inspection and have to provide plus tractability for all our ingredients so that you as a customer can be 100% reassured that our ingredients are organic.

Certified Organic with License No.7474

There is also a yearly licence fee of course

Been a bee keeper it has given me the access to my core raw materials Beeswax and Honey which is free from all chemicals and 100% pure.

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