Trish is a honest to goodness Irish female Beekeeper. A 3rd generation beekeeper, if not further back to 6th generation, you might say that her love of bees was already predetermined.

Lover of nature and the natural world, Trish support the ecosystem and our natural environment & landscapes, and is a lover of all things natural.

Based in the heart of County Waterford, in the Southeast of Ireland in a beautiful spot called Dunhill, nature and wildlife is all around where time is spent working with her happy bees

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Free Shipping in republic of Ireland over €50*

Natural Irish Skincare
From Hive To Home

Organic & Natural Skincare

Organic plant oils & Natural ingredients of Honey and Beeswax

Welcome To Trishs Honey Products

Irish Organic & Natural Skincare which is handmade in the heart of County Waterford, in the Southeast of Ireland in a beautiful spot called Dunhill, nature and wildlife is all around. Trish is a 3rd generation beekeeper with a passion for her bees.

I use the best organic ingredients that care for, protect, and restore your skin.

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Organic & Natural Irish Skincare

Handmade in Ireland.

Trish is a third-generation beekeeper and lover of the natural world who has formulated a unique range of organic & natural skincare, using natural ingredients of honey and beeswax from her own bees.

Trish suffered from allergies and could not find a gentle enough product for her skin, which was unscented so she developed her own unscented skincare range.


The ethos of Trish’s Honey Products is to ‘care, not damage’ making products that are kind to the skin and the environment.


Bee Gifts & Bee Sets

Handmade Natural Irish Skincare Gifts Unscented and kind to your skin

Being a third-generation Bee Keeper, you might say that Trish's love for bees was already predetermined.

Trish's products are organic with super powered plant oils with super healing of beeswax and hand-harvested Irish honey.

THIRD-GENERATION beekeeper Trish O’Neill has been awarded Silver in the Hand and Nail Care category of the 10th annual European FreeFrom Skincare Awards

I still can’t believe that my little product range has made it through to the finals of the @irishcountrymag Irish Made Awards.

Customer Testimonials

We're proud of our organic and natural skincare products have a positive impact on the customers who buy from us. Take a look at just some of the feedback we've received over the years.

The candles look so nice and add so much atmosphere to the room. Knowing they're organic and Irish added to my reasons for purchase.

Beeswax Candle-Trishs -Honey-Products

Robert B

These are beautiful candles (Beeswax Candles) that burn down gradually to reveal the natural honeycomb pattern of the wax illuminated by the flame. The natural scent is very relaxing Highly recommended

Claire B

I honestly can't fault this cream, I love it. I was original bought a gift of it and had to keep buying it. It gives a beautiful glow to my skin and definitely helps with the anti-aging process. I will always be a fan.

Lee-Ann O

Absolutely love these products, had to share these with my family. Great service and so easy to order on line especially as I live in Edinburgh. The lip balm and hand cream I have fallen in love with them. My candles arrived today can't wait to use them. I would like to thank Trisha for her quick response and the presentation is wonderful.

Bee Nourishing Bee Gift HANDCREAM & LIP BALM SET

Tina D

Great product (Body Balm With Beeswax),I love it. It’s soufflé texture makes it easy to apply to the skin.For me,This product moisturises your skin leaving a non greasy silky soft finish.

Colette D

Bought this (Intensive Hand Body Butter) to help combat a dermatitis flare up. I'd used natural honey based products to help before but this has to be my favorite by far. Only a small amount is needed each time so one pot lasts quite well. Would definitely recommend.

Jacqueline R

Bought Rosehip Facial Balm few months ago. Its amazing. No more dryness on face and surprisingly no side effects.

natural and organic irish skincare

Neetu Rajput

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