Trish is a honest to goodness Irish female Beekeeper. A 3rd generation beekeeper, if not further back to 6th generation, you might say that her love of bees was already predetermined.

Lover of nature and the natural world, Trish support the ecosystem and our natural environment & landscapes, and is a lover of all things natural.

Based in the heart of County Waterford, in the Southeast of Ireland in a beautiful spot called Dunhill, nature and wildlife is all around where time is spent working with her happy bees

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Main ingredients

  • Healing organic Rosehip oil
  • Organic Shea Butter
  • Hydrating organic jojoba oil
  • Hand harvest Irish honey





Organic and  Natural Irish Skincare.

This enriching Rosehip Facial Balm does it all. Handmade in Ireland it is 100% natural with organic ingredient rosehip oil. This oil is extracted from the seeds of organic rosehip, it is a super food for the skin. Targets the signs of ageing, hydrates the skin and repair. The naturally occurring antioxidants destroy free radicals that ravage skin cells while vitamin A targets sun damage. “ Queen of Balms” fortifies the skins suppleness and elasticity, strengthens the skins natural barrier, encourages cell regeneration and deeply moisturises while bringing back a luminous glow.

Glass Jars

Violet-Glass jars that we use for this product preserve the bio-energy through protection from light and to protect the quality of the organic ingredients and fully recyclable.

The Best Natural and Organic Irish Skincare

The ethos of Trish’s Honey Products is simple – I use the best organic ingredients that care for, protect, and restore your skin. My organic skincare range was created from my own needs of caring for my allergy-prone skin. I could not source natural products that were suitable for my skin, so I started to make my own, using the beeswax and honey from my bees. I gave some to friends and family and they loved my natural formulas. That’s how Trish’s Honey Products came about. My whole ethos is based on caring for the natural environment, the ecosystem, and each other, while focusing on my customers to provide them with organic and natural skincare options. I want to keep my product range small and my bees (and customers) happy.

Trish is a proud member of the East Waterford Bee Association


What we do

We produce organic skincare and self care products using natural ingredients of beeswax and honey, with certified organic plant based oils .Creating a luxurious organic skincare range which is unscented. This range is free from all parabens, mineral oils, synthetic colours, fragrances, essential oils(not suitable for everyone).

Free From GMO ingredients.(genetically modified organism)



This is a natural product so bee-careful and keep out of direct sunlight or anywhere that may be too warm.


Additional information

Additional information

Weight 30 g
Directions for use

After cleansing, warm the balm between your fingertips. Starting under the chin, draw your fingers outwards and upwards towards the forehead using light circular movements to massage the balm into the skin.


*Shea Butter (Butyrospermum Parkii)*Rosehip Oil (Rosa Canina)*Sunflower seed Oil (Helianthus annuus), *Jojoba Oil (Simmondsia Chinensis), Irish Honey (Mel),Vitamin E (Tocopherol).
*certified organic



  1. Claire B

    So nourishing!

    This cream is rich and nourishing and feels so lovely on the skin. Perfect as a night cream and gives the skin a lovely glow. Love it

  2. Sarah

    Amazing facial balm
    I use this cream every night after I cleanse . It has a lovely texture and my skin feels great after using it. My skin usually gets very dehydrated especially in the winter months but I have not had this problem since I have started using the Rosehip facial balm

  3. Anne M.

    Facial balm

    I love it my skin is improving daily

  4. Amini Nash


    The cleansing oil is glorious, but I find it hard to spread all over face and neck.It cleanses all make up. Thanks Trish. My next buy will be the face oil.

  5. Neetu Rajput

    Its amazing

    Bought Rosehip Facial balm few months ago…..Its amazing more dryness on face and surprisingly no side effects

  6. Lee-Ann O.

    THE Best Day Cream

    I honestly can’t fault this cream, I love it. I was original bought a gift of it and had to keep buying it. It gives a beautiful glow to my skin and definitely helps with the anti-aging process. I will always be a fan.

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