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Trish’s Honey Products produce certified organic skincare and self care products using natural ingredients of beeswax and honey, blending with Organic plant based oils and Butters to create luxurious organic skincare.

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Why use our Organic Muslin Cloth

We are Buzzing with our organic muslin cloth 

“These are brilliant! Best muslin cloth I’ve ever used”


100% Soil Association certified organic

Cream in colour which is its natural unbleached state

Not bleached which ensures that no chemical has been used to whiten this cloth so suitable for ultra sensitive skin

This cloth gently exfoliate skin whilst cleansing

Environmentally friendly – use again and again

Once your cloth has seen better days, don’t throw it away – they are perfect as kitchen and bathroom cleaners, from everything to dishes and sinks!


Dries much quicker than a regular terry face cloth and is hence more hygienic.


Recommended to be used with our Cleansing oil.

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