Trish is a honest to goodness Irish female Beekeeper. A 3rd generation beekeeper, if not further back to 6th generation, you might say that her love of bees was already predetermined.

Lover of nature and the natural world, Trish support the ecosystem and our natural environment & landscapes, and is a lover of all things natural.

Based in the heart of County Waterford, in the Southeast of Ireland in a beautiful spot called Dunhill, nature and wildlife is all around where time is spent working with her happy bees

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The best organic skincare ingredients

The ethos of Trish’s Honey Products is simple – I use the best organic ingredients that care for, protect, and restore your skin. My organic skincare range was created from my own needs of caring for my allergy-prone skin. I could not source natural products that were suitable for my skin, so I started to make my own, using the beeswax and honey from my bees. I gave some to friends and family and they loved my natural formulas. That’s how Trish’s Honey Products came about. My whole ethos is based on caring for the natural environment, the ecosystem, and each other, while focusing on my customers to provide them with organic and natural skincare options. I want to keep my product range small and my bees (and customers) happy. So, my promise to you is:

1. Certified Organic Skincare

All my skincare products are certified organic with the Irish Organic Association.

Trishs Organic Skincare is Certified by the Irish Organic Association

2. Handmade in Ireland ☘

My products are all handmade by me in Dunhill, Co. Waterford, Ireland

Handmade in Ireland by Trish O Neill pictured here
Trish O’ Neill

3. Irish owned ☘

My little business is owned by me and guaranteed Irish Made. Supporting local and Irish businesses has never been more important and I feel grateful that I have so many loyal customers.

Irish Owned and Made Organic Skincare with Beeswax and Honey

4. Ethically sourced Beeswax and Honey

I only use beeswax and honey ethically collected from my bees from the Apiary I keep on my land in Dunhill and from other carefully selected beekeepers within Ireland. Beeswax is a natural ingredient that protects the skin and has become a sought-after ingredient by the cosmetics industry.

Ethically sourced honey and beeswax

5. Fragrance Free Organic Skincare

Just naturally smelling goodness.

Fragrance free organic skincare
Trish’s Honey Products Body Balm and Free From Skincare Awards Silver Medal Winner 2018

6. Paraben and Silicone Free

My products contain no parabens or silicones – just totally natural skincare.

Silicone and Paraben Free Organic Skincare - Beeswax Handcream
Trish’s Beeswax Handcream and Silver Winner of the Free From Skincare Awards 2021

7. No essential oils

I don’t use essential oils – they are not for everyone. I blend my skincare products with plant-based oils and butters such as olive oil, coconut oil and shea butter.

“A formula that was bursting with nothing but goodness. From the first time I applied this balm – which is like aerated butter but better – I smiled. All those body glow products can step aside, this is the real-deal natural alternative. Left limbs glowing! Any hint of dry skin gone, skin tone and suppleness improved out of sight and the chicken-skin on my upper arms had reduced significantly after initial use. Cuticles and nails looking healthy. Totally natural, earthy scent to this balm. Smells as nature intended and as a result it imparts a sense of wellbeing. Loved using this balm on a daily basis.”

From one of the Free From Skincare Awards judges about Body Balm with Beeswax
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