Trish is a honest to goodness Irish female Beekeeper. A 3rd generation beekeeper, if not further back to 6th generation, you might say that her love of bees was already predetermined.

Lover of nature and the natural world, Trish support the ecosystem and our natural environment & landscapes, and is a lover of all things natural.

Based in the heart of County Waterford, in the Southeast of Ireland in a beautiful spot called Dunhill, nature and wildlife is all around where time is spent working with her happy bees

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Free Shipping in republic of Ireland over €50*




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A Gift from our bees to you

Organic skincare gift which also contains handmade pure unscented beeswax candles


What the FreeFrom Gift Awards team had to say about our Bee-Gift for Sensitive Skin

A simple and lovely collection of four products — two family-friendly and fragrance-free skincare products, which impressed judges for their smooth textures, and two ‘clean’ and natural beeswax candles.



This Caring Irish Skincare Gift comprising

  • Irish Skincare
  • Intensive Hand & Body Butter
  • Lip Balm with beeswax and Honey
  • Two beeswax Candles 5/6 hrs
  • Presented in a lovely Kraft Natural Gift Box which is recyclable/reuse all wrapped up with a raffia string and our branded card…a bit about Trish 3rd generation honest to goodness Irish female Beekeeper


Intensive Hand & Body Butter

An intensive, organic and natural product that will hydrate even the driest skin, plant oils chosen specifically for their replenishing and moisturising abilities it also contains pure Irish beeswax which helps to protect the skin naturally blended with super healing certified organic shea butter and plant oils certified organic sweet almond oil known for its anti-inflammatory properties.

Product is concentrated so less is more a bee-size amount is all the is required to moisturise your skin suitable as a multi-purpose moisturiser.

Family friendly which works to aid healing, soothe and calm allergies from skin rashes, nappy rash to shaving rash.

Many of our customers report seeing visible improvements in chronically dry conditions such as eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis.

It is unscented and pure, providing long lasting nourishment for your skin


Healing Lip Balm with Beeswax and Honey

Keep your lips in pristine condition with this organic lip balm. Handmade with pure honey and beeswax, it’s good enough to eat. Kiss dry lips a final goodbye. Great to massage into cuticles and perfect for helping cuts and grazes to heal. This Lip balm nourishes, protects and feeds the lips, keeping them satin smooth and soft. Hand poured and set in a convenient tin with my signature label.


Beeswax Candles

Two Candles

size 35mm x 65mm

Burning Time 5/6 hrs each

Beeswax candles are hand-rolled using 100% beeswax and cotton wicks. Beeswax candles produce a beautiful warm glow and have a natural subtle scent.


Did You Know

People with allergies, sinus problems and asthma have reported significant improvement in their symptoms, breathing better and sleeping better after burning a Pure Beeswax Candle in their bedroom 2/3 hours before going to bed.



Irish Skincare

The ethos of Trish’s Honey Products is simple – I use the best organic ingredients that care for, protect, and restore your skin. My organic skincare range was created from my own needs of caring for my allergy-prone skin. I could not source natural products that were suitable for my skin, so I started to make my own, using the beeswax and honey from my bees. I gave some to friends and family and they loved my natural formulas. That’s how Trish’s Honey Products came about. My whole ethos is based on caring for the natural environment, the ecosystem, and each other, while focusing on my customers to provide them with organic and natural skincare options. I want to keep my product range small and my bees (and customers) happy.

Organic Skincare

All  skincare products are organic with the natural ingredients of beeswax and honey



  1. trish

    A simple and lovely collection of four products — two family-friendly and fragrance-free skincare products, which impressed judges for their smooth textures, and two ‘clean’ and natural beeswax candles.

  2. Anonymous

    Great gift
    love that they are all unscented

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Intensive Hand & Body Butter

*Organic Shea Butter (Butyrospermum  Parkii),*Organic Sweet Almond Oil (Prunus Dulcis),* Organic Sunflower Seed Oil (Heliathus annulus)

*Organic Coconut Oil (Cocos Nucifera), Pure Beeswax (Cera Alba),  Vitamin E(Tocopherol

I am always working towards been fully Eco Friendly using eco-friendly materials for shipping and working towards all containers and packing been fully environmentally friendly

Advice: This is a natural product so bee-careful keep it out of direct sunlight or anywhere that maybe too warm

*certified organic


Lip Balm

INGREDIENTS:* Organic Olive Oil (Olea Europaea), *Organic Coconut Oil (Cocos Nucifera), Beeswax (Cera Alba), Honey(Mel)Vitamin E (Tocopherol).GMO free

*certified Organic

Beeswax Candle Care

Beeswax Candle Care

Burning times are approximate and depend on temperature, humidity and other ambient conditions,do not light candle where there is a draught, it is a natural product and it will affect it’s burning time. Designed and handmade by Trish in Dunhill Ecopark, Dunhill, Co.Waterford, Ireland

 Warning: Take all  wrappings off candle before lighting and as always care has to be taken with a lighting candle at all time especially with children and pets

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