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Trish’s Honey Products produce certified organic skincare and self care products using natural ingredients of beeswax and honey, blending with Organic plant based oils and Butters to create luxurious organic skincare.

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Honey Soap


Honey Soap



Honey Soap

This gentle honey soap is perfect for soothing dry skin. It is rich inantioxidants and moisturising nutrients. Made from natural vegetable oils
and honey this soap contains no alcohol or harmful products to dry yourskin. Added benefit of beeswax which helps clean & exfoliate grubby

Soap is unscented.



Checkout our Organic Muslin cloth.


It is unscented so suitable for the most sensitive skin.

  • Enriching
  • Soothing
  • Healing

The ethos of Trish’s Honey Products is simple – I use the best organic ingredients that care for, protect, and restore your skin. My organic skincare range was created from my own needs of caring for my allergy-prone skin. I could not source natural products that were suitable for my skin, so I started to make my own, using the beeswax and honey from my bees. I gave some to friends and family and they loved my natural formulas. That’s how Trish’s Honey Products came about. My whole ethos is based on caring for the natural environment, the ecosystem, and each other, while focusing on my customers to provide them with organic and natural skincare options. I want to keep my product range small and my bees (and customers) happy.

Member of the East Waterford Bee Association 

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