Trish is a honest to goodness Irish female Beekeeper. A 3rd generation beekeeper, if not further back to 6th generation, you might say that her love of bees was already predetermined.

Lover of nature and the natural world, Trish support the ecosystem and our natural environment & landscapes, and is a lover of all things natural.

Based in the heart of County Waterford, in the Southeast of Ireland in a beautiful spot called Dunhill, nature and wildlife is all around where time is spent working with her happy bees

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 Beeswax Handcream that cares

  1. Award Winning Freefrom Skincare Awards London UK 2021
  2. Awarded Silver Medal in the Hand & Nail category
  3. Unscented
  4. Handmade
  5. Beeswax
  6. Natural
  7. Organic


Beeswax Handcream


Keep your hands soft and conditioned with this naturally moisturising bee-friendly beeswax handcream .Handmade with pure beeswax and certified organic ingredients of Olive Oil and soothing organic coconut oil.

Gentle enough for the whole family and comes in a handy pocket size tin for convenience whenever you need it.

Beeswax is a natural emollient, it reduces water loss and protects your skin naturally it is suitable for sensitive skin and aids healing of chapped  sore and dry hands and also works on your feet with cracked and sore heels .


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What the Free From Testers had to say about our Beeswax Handcream

Soooo cute, the packaging is really cute – and cleverly coloured like a bee in yellow and black.  We all know by now, bees are super important to our ecosystem.  This feels like we are doing our bit by supporting the bees in Trish’s hives.  I like the little bit about who Trish is and you get a sense of the family traditions handed down over the generations.  This product feels very organic and Trish feels like a person you would want to support.  For those reasons I’m looking forward to trying this product. I didn’t notice right away but the wings are in the shape of a heart which makes it even sweeter.

Think solid balm rather than a rich cream texture.  Saying that there is nothing wrong with a balm, what i love is its completely natural product so safe to put on your hands.  There was no intense fragrance, which as a hand cream is a big plus with me.  Having pets myself they don’t want petted by highly fragrance hands.  This is perfect.

I really like the ethos of this cute little tin of beeswax hand cream.  I find it best to apply before bed and i have also been putting it on my feet.  It’s not just for hands.  Think elbows and dry skin areas too.  It’s fine to apply before bed so slotted in well with my routine, just kept the tin right by my bed.

There was nothing I didn’t like.

Applied regularly, to hands and feet before bed has increased the softness and condition of my skin.  I’m combining dry cracked heals with bed socks & a little bit of beeswax for a delightful treat in the morning!  It feels very gentle and kind to the skin, I felt compelled to use a little as a lip balm too!  Not sure if this is strictly allowed but it was my little treat.  It’s multipurpose from what I can see.

My dry hard heals are soft and smooth. In much better condition.  They look and feel healthier and prettier.  My hands feel protected, as an emollient they keep the moisture in.

Promises soft and conditioned hands, gentle enough for the whole family, natural emollient, also works on cracked heels.  it is gentle, I have sensitive skin and I have full confidence that I won’t react.  Great to use and target dry hotspots.

I love that this is supporting the ecosystem.  Happy bees and busy hives – it’s clear Trish is passionate about the role her bee’s take in the ecosystem.  We support you too.  It’s fantastic what you are doing.

Love this product, love the ethos and the pure simplicity of this product.  We know Trish is passionate about her little bees




Proud member of the East Waterford Bee Association 


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Additional information

Additional information

Weight 30 g
Addition Information

Olea Europaea (Olive Oil) (Cerified Organic)
Cocus Nucifera (Coconut Oil) (Cerified Organic)
Cera Alba (Beeswax)
Tocopherol (Vitamin E)



  1. Richard

    Love this Beeswax hand cream as it is unscented which works for me .

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